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Over the last 20 years, Real Insights has worked with hundreds of businesses across Ireland and overseas on a wide range of market research projects. Using tried-and-tested research methods, we analyse, interpret, report and action plan to deliver tangible, evidence based results to our clients to inform decision making and provide the strategic direction they need.


Founder & CEO

Led by Colette Quinn, our MD, Real Insights has worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes since 2004. Prior to setting up Real Insights, Colette headed up the consumer insight function at Musgrave and Vodafone Ireland.

We love what we do, we have a deep understanding on market insights, and consumer behaviour and we use this to help our clients unlock growth.

When you work with us you get access to senior people with decades of experience in their chosen field – we don’t off load work to juniors and just appear at the pitch and debrief!!



Be the end to end research and insights consultancy for those seeking answers, growth and change.


Research, strategy and initiatives with brands, businesses and institutes, making business sharper


Ethics / Integrity / ‘So, what now….?’


We Listen

We listen to you to really get underneath what you need and we build a bespoke approach for you that will deliver on those needs, no black box techniques or formulaic approach here!

We’re results driven

We don’t sit on the fence, and we don’t believe in research for the sake of it, to tick a box or populate a KPI scorecard. We fundamentally believe in research and evidence-based insights driving every facet of the decision-making process for a business.

We’re in it for the long haul

Unlike many other research agencies out there, our team has worked on the other side of the fence so to speak, working for some of the world’s biggest brands in many different markets before working agency side so we are very commercially focused, and we understand the need for research to go beyond simple reportage. Put simply, we help you build the pragmatic building blocks of future Marketing and Sales strategies – we’re not academic researchers!

An integral part of our clients team

More often than not we end up being an integral part our client’s team and a trusted strategic partner. We become immersed in all that they do allowing us to better understand their market and customers thereby enabling them to make better informed business decisions to drive growth and competitive advantage.

Ready to unlock growth from insights?

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